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Parents of Young Adults Support Group

Parents of Young Adults Support Group

Our program is hosted by our therapist and Licensed Master Social Worker Marcela Gómez-Bogomolni with 10 years of experience in case management, social work, therapy and 25 years in coaching.
4 sessions booked, receive 1+ FREE
January 13th, 20th, 27th and February 10th.

Do you feel you don’t know your kids anymore? frustrated at times? Lost? Disconnected from your son or daughter? Do you feel your kids are hiding things from you? Don’t respect you? Have you recognized risky behavior in your kids, and you feel you don’t know how to protect them? Are your kids unable to handle school stress? Feeling of entitlement? Violent behavior? Do you feel some level of anxiety or fear towards them? Are you divorced? A single parent? Or are your kids still little but you want to learn useful techniques to prevent these symptoms mentioned above? If you have some of these feelings, you are not alone! This Empowering Life Parents’ Group is FOR YOU!

There are hundreds of parenting groups to help us be better parents when our children are growing, however, there are very few to guide us through when they already did! The older they are the stronger the challenges. Today we as parents are confronting a generation full of challenges that are new to us, and we don’t know how to deal with them, or how to respond in a manner that can bring peace to the house. Social media, vaping, early sex, exhibitionism, suicidal ideation, depression, drugs, and more are just a few of the issues we face every day. How are we supposed to deal with that?

TAL CMHC understands first hand the urging need, we as parents, have to receive: support on guiding our quasi-adult children and not to lose our minds in the process.

Join one of the first empowering parents group of pre-teen, teen and young adults in Miami. Our 4 sessions package of 90 minute each will include coping skills, better communication support, assistance to process your own feelings and your emotional needs, deconstructing and reprograming our family set values, you would be able to learn how your past and your emotional baggage gets in the way between you and your loved ones to finally repair and heal them.



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No momento estamos esgotados, mas as próximas datas começarão em breve.

Se você está interessado em se juntar ao nosso grupo de suporte. Por favor sinta-se livre

para entrar em nossa lista de espera.

O cliente reconhece que os grupos de apoio NÃO envolvem o diagnóstico ou tratamento
de transtornos mentais, conforme definido pela American Psychiatric Association e que apóiam
grupos não devem ser usados como um substituto para aconselhamento, psicoterapia, psicanálise,
cuidados de saúde mental, tratamento de abuso de substâncias ou outro aconselhamento profissional por meio jurídico,
profissionais médicos ou outros qualificados e que é de responsabilidade exclusiva dos clientes
buscar orientação profissional independente, conforme necessário. Se o cliente estiver atualmente sob o
atendimento de um profissional de saúde mental, recomenda-se que o cliente informe prontamente
o provedor de cuidados de saúde mental se a natureza e extensão da relação do grupo de apoio.

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