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Single Moms Support Group

Single Moms Support Group

Studies show that spending just 90 minutes a week with a group of other single parents can help improve your quality of life.

If you’re a single parent, you may feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do each day. In fact, it may seem like there are not enough hours to handle it all. Even though you’re doing your best, you may find yourself exhausted, isolated, and anxious.

But you are in good company. Many single-parent families face a lot of the same problems:

More stress
More depression
Fewer social ties
More difficult health problems
Now the good news: Studies show that spending just 90 minutes a week with a group of other single parents can help improve your quality of life. It’s especially helpful if the group is free, provides some education about parenting or life as a single adult, and offers child care.

Advantages of a support group
Here are some of the specific benefits you can get from being part of a single parent support group:

Having a place to share your joys and your concerns and a safe place to vent your emotions
Getting tips for handling stresses in your life from people who have the same problems you do
Making friendships.
Finding practical help, such as shared childcare.
Get a break from the kids, so you can be a better parent.

The client acknowledges that support groups DO NOT involve the diagnosis or treatment
of mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association and that support
groups are not to be used as a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis,
mental health care, substance abuse treatment, or other professional advice by legal,
medical or other qualified professionals and that it is the clients’ exclusive responsibility
to seek such independent professional guidance as needed. If client is currently under the
care of a mental health professional, it is recommended that the client promptly inform
the mental health care provider if the nature and extent of the support group relationship.


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O cliente reconhece que os grupos de apoio NÃO envolvem o diagnóstico ou tratamento
de transtornos mentais, conforme definido pela American Psychiatric Association e que apóiam
grupos não devem ser usados como um substituto para aconselhamento, psicoterapia, psicanálise,
cuidados de saúde mental, tratamento de abuso de substâncias ou outro aconselhamento profissional por meio jurídico,
profissionais médicos ou outros qualificados e que é de responsabilidade exclusiva dos clientes
buscar orientação profissional independente, conforme necessário. Se o cliente estiver atualmente sob o
atendimento de um profissional de saúde mental, recomenda-se que o cliente informe prontamente
o provedor de cuidados de saúde mental se a natureza e extensão da relação do grupo de apoio.

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